Re: Umlaut

Hello JB and others interested:
That was a wonderful Umlaut explanation and I appreciate the little lesson on
Gothic/ Fraktur writing which my grandmother and father used. Even I had to
learn it as a second handwriting while in grade school in the late 40s and
early 50s, have a tough time reading it today.
My surname also spells with Umlaut and I prefer to keep it here in the US;
but it is totally acceptable in Germany to spell either Umlaut or the oe, ue,
ae, except for Goethe as you said.
When I was naturalized I kept my Umlaut on the certificate as well as in my
new passport.
Since we don't have it on American keyboards, I get another keyboard from
Germany and set my PC to English and German, except for right now, as I am using
someone else's PC.
I noted that the New York Times will print Umlauts, as well as some TV shows.
Greetings from Ingrid Fetkoter/Fetkoeter,
former resident of the Kingdom of Hanover, now Kingston, NY