Re: Uelzen, Lüneburg

Hi Joanne: I live in the US but have researched in the archives of both Uelzen and L�neburg - altho it was over 20 years ago.
The archiv in Uelzen is very small, upstairs from the library across the street from the Marienkirche. I don't remember the street address. At that time a Herr Dr. Eggers (take note you Eggers researchers) was the archivist and very helpful. Whether he still is or even is still alive, I don't know. It might be worth a try to address him personally. At that time he had no secretary or assistants so it might take some time to get a reply. I just walked in with no appt, but I was lucky as I believe he just works part-time.
Ditto L�neburg archives which at that time were in the old Rathaus (a wonderful museum in itself). Sorry I can't be more specific.
Your best bet for excellent tourist info anywhere in Germany is to write to the German National Tourist office in NY. They will send you maps and all kinds of goodies. Jane

Jane Swan
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