Re: Niederschlesien-L digest, Vol 1 #798 - 22 msgs

Recently a Hermann Kirchner, late (2003) of Mesa Arizona died age 80. His
father I believe was a Gustav Kirchner who lived in Brooklyn from 1927- to 1953+
while Hermann and his mother lived in Germany until 1952 This is probably
NOT your Kirchners as your forefathers appear to have come to USA earlier. But
you should know that Hermann Kirchner was cabinet maker and wood carver both
in Brooklyn and later in Milwaukee where he became somewhat famous for his
carving for churches. His work was pictured in at least three newspapers. Three
daughters and his wife survive as well as grandchildren most in Mesa AZ.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I Will give your information to my uncle in somedays.
I`ve found some Kirchners from Breslau on the side of missing or died
soldiers. Here is the web adress.
Perhaps there is some information for you behind. Please send it to your
son, too.

Thank you and greetings to your family and I hope to hear from you.
Helge Andermann.