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Gayle and Hans Peter
Thanks for the replies. I believe you guys hit it on the head. Julius Burgdorf's occupation on the passenger list was noted as CLERK. So Komis is right on.
As for the possible addresses for the listed numbers, again you are more than likely correct. The absence of a street address may be due to several reasons. The numbers 382.. certainly must be the zip code (US system) with the last 2 digits omitted.
I intend to write to all the addresses and add the numbers that Hans provided. The postal service may deliver it. Hey, I just thought that maybe there is no street address and the mail is picked up by name in the local post office. It's worth a try. If I could speak German I would use the telephone.
Thanks everybody,

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Gayle and Hans Peter
Thanks for the replies.

There is another good news for you. The same Friedrich-Karl Krentel who wrote the already mentioned "Höfe- und Sippenbuch Gustedt" had done already the equal work for "Groß-Elbe", here the complete title:

KRENTEL, Friedrich-Karl: Ortsfamilienbuch Groß-und Klein-Elbe 1709 - 1875, Hannover 2000.

You might ask if it is still available under and if there are possibilities for posting it to you. Mr.Krentel himself should be living in Gustedt.


Hans Peter Albers, Bienenbüttel