Re: Mecklenburg-L Nachrichtensammlung, Band 21, Eintrag 1

Is it possible to get this in English as my high
school Gernan is a little rusty from 45 years ago.

Thank you,

Judith{ Knaak } Booth


This board is subscribed to by people from all over the world and not just
the United States. Because of this, people will leave messages in their
native language, and since this is about genealogy in a region of Germany,
there is quite a bit of activity from those who live in that country and do
not speak English, but German. If you think you see something that is
interesting enough to you, you can cut and paste the text into any of
several online translation tools. They don't do a very good job, but they
can give you the idea if you don't remember enough German to read these
postings. Hope this helps.