Lady Bonita
The Familien Archiv would be a book/pamphlet/writing regarding a family
history, could be one item or a number of items, all relating to that family,
usually from today back in time.
The Deutsches Geschlechterbuch is the titel of a series of books of
genealogies, which means back in time toward today. These genealogies were researched
usually by professionals and printed by the Starke Verlag starting with the
late 1800's to today. Well over 200 of these volumes have been printed and they
hold a wealth of information for specific families. Some volumes deal simple
with genealogies from Germany/Switzerland/Austria in general, others deal with a
specific region,eg Ost Friesland, Hessen, Posen, Siegerland, etc, with family
crests, photos, descendant charts, and of course the personal data
(b,m,d,occupations, residences). When you have a line that you can tie into, you have
hit pay dirt, usually big time.
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