Re: Hannover-L Nachrichtensammlung, Band 21, Eintrag 38

Just wanted to share som info that i have on Brockman from Bergen
  church records. They may be a bit jumbled. They are taken from notes.

  mutter-Katharine Marie Dorothea Brockman

  father Peter Hch. Heins lived in Hohne

  child born 12.6.1876 Karl Hch. Heins.

  Mutter-Marie Sophie Emma Brockman, Mother

  father, vater- Hch Karl Wlm. Ernst Heins Abbauer

  Child,Kind- Hch Wlm Heins, 3.10.1925 born in Offen

  Kind:Hch Herman Brockman born 1874

  Katharine Marie Sophie born 10.11.1879

  Parents, eltern: Juergen Hch. Ludwig Brockman [ Hs.] Offen

  Mother,- Heins, Anna Katharia Dorothea

  Brockman, Marie Sophie Dorothee born 23.7.1865 born Offen

  eltern: Jurgen Hch Ludwig Brockman [Hs].

  Anne Catharine Dorothee Heins

  . Brockman in Hohne

  Brockman Mrie Sophie Emma

  Heins, Karl Wilm Ernst Abbauer 3.10.1925

  Hch. Wilhelm Heins-- Offen

  Marie Sophie Emma Brockman- Mother

  Father- heins Karl Wilm Ernest abbauer child Hch. Wilhelm Heins


  Ella Marie Sophie 1 24.1906

  vater-Brockman, Karl Hch. [Hw.]

  Mother- Heins, Auguste Elise Marie Louise

  Kind, Child, -Ella Marie Sphie Brockman

  Kind:Auguste Marie Minna 19.09.1893

  eltern: Auguste Elise marie Louise Heins

  Karl Hch Brockman [Hw.]

  Kind: Hermann Hch. Wilhelm Brockmann 1900

  v. Karl Hch [Hw.] Brockman

  m- Auguste Elise Marie Louise Heins

  Minna Hermine Luise Brockman 9.15.1905

  Herta Emma Berta 10.22.1922

  eltern: Brockman, Karl Hch. August Abbauer

  auguste Katharine Marie heins

  Heinrich Wilhelm Brockman, 28.9.1898

  vater- Karl Hch. Brockman

  M- Auguste Rilese { ?} Marie Liesa Heins

  missing location

  I have some other surnames involved with these, but have them in
  files. I shall locate them if you are interested. This surname family
  name has interest to me since i found Brookman and Schmidt in my
  ancestry of Seil in Dahlenburg, Luneburg, Hanover Kingdom. With
  branches at Lueben and Breese. Gross Thondorf, Uelzen.

  I have not dug into my files to find further information as of yet.
  It is my next step, since I need to find Witt also.