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The Mormon Church has the following microfilmed records;
Kirchenbuch, 1658-1874 Katholische Kirche Flatow (KrSt. Flatow)
Does anyone have any experience looking at this microfilm? The title
says the records are Catholic but I have read that perhaps there are
Lutheran births, marriages and deaths in it as well. I am specifically
interested in the period from 1830 to 1840.

Dear Dave and List

My family lived in Schwente village outside Flatow so I have looked at these microfilms. The microfilms are of good quality and easy to read if you have experience reading Latin churchbooks. The Lutheran Church was banned in Poland (including West Prussia) from 1714 to 1772 so duing this period Lutheran records are in these Catholic church books with the notation acatholic (not catholic). There are no Lutheran records from this period. After the Prussians took over this area, there was a major Evangelical Lutheran church in Flatow and other chapels in the villages. Most Lutheran records from after 1800 would be in those Church books which are lost.

You will find a some number of Lutheran records so it is worth looking at them. Definitely during the 1772 to 1800 period while the Lutheran church was reestablishing itself. By the way, many Catholic records were not microfilmed and are now in the archives - I think at Koslin.

For pictures and informationh on Flatow see

For pictures and information on Schwente see

William Remus of the Remus family of West Prussia 1700 onward
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Someone wrote:

" By the way, many Catholic records were not microfilmed and are now in the
archives - I think at Koslin."

There are Catholic church records that are missing from Mehlsack (now
Pienizno), would there be copies of them or their records somewhere else in
Germany? I have been told that the Mehlsack records were destroyed by the
I would appreciate any info for the 1600-1700 period. Thank you