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Dear List,

Here is the translation of my last mail:

The question of Mr Ebmeyer showed me that it was not a good idea to be a member
of Hannover-1 with an anonymous e-mail address. But I used it, because of data
protection - as I did not want to be listed openly as a member of Hannover-1. And
that was why I offered help with my previously "unknown" business e-mail address.
Now I have decided to stop this habit and to participate openly at Hannover-1. In
this mail, my first "public" participation, I want to present myself as well as
the priorities of my current research (work).

I will finish my studies at University soon (graduating with an M.A.) in History
(focus on Local History and Church History), Sociology and Theology. During my
studies I have worked on the rural nobility of the dukedom of
Calenberg-Grubenhagen and have read and analized their family histories and
family chronicles. I also wrote a (research) paper about the land ownership of
the family "von Ilten" in Gestorf. For this task, it was necessary to analyze
carefully all those sources such as chronicles, record books, descriptions of the
"Land" etc, who - of course - were contradicting one another...

Among my other research work, which needed a lot of perseverance and diligence,
there is the case of a "Ministerialen-" family in the Oldenburg area, the
biography of a young woman from Suttorf (who had been searched for over 20 years
without success), or the detective-like search for a young man who left Hannover
in the 1860s to avoid doing his military service.
Without utter care and discipline, all these research "cases" would have stayed
"brickwalls" for those who wanted to know (inconquerable ones).

In April 2000 I started my own business as a freelance researcher - and
"finden&suchen" (to find&to search) is not only my motto, but also the way I deal
with queries: what could not be found - has to be searched till it is found. This
is my motivation with which I approach every new order to research. And -
miraculously - with some innovative ideas and a pinch of "feeling" for history,
again and again, ways can be found that lead out of seemingly blind alleys.

Yours sincerely,

Christoh Haupt

Haupt'S finden&suchen
Christoph Haupt
Sehnder Strasse 28
D-30559 Hannover
TEL: +511 522313
FAX: +511 8793208