RE: Denkmal Projekt & Seehausen,Germany (Prussia)

Dear Mr Johnson, I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your
input also, I will try this search also, I am so grateful for all the info.
tommie cory
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Hello Tommy,

J�rgen Fritsche's comments are excellent and he should be thanked because

he has done some work to compile that information. I had a similar problem
as my gg grandfather HONE / H�HNE was from Wittenberg there are also
several possibilities. I believe now, though it is unconfirmed, that he
was from Lutherstadt Withenburg, near two of your possibilities.

I helped confirm this by checking the German War Memorial site in English and in Deutsch Gefallendenkm�ller, Ich
empfehle, dass jeder diese Stelle besucht .
I searched for August Littman H�HNE and found a concentration of H�HNE in
the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Elbe area. Of course it helps to have an
uncommon surname. This site has over 250,000 is growing. It is dedicated
to remember the names of fallen German and Austria armed forces is nothing
short of fantastic. It is free.

To quote the webmaster "We hope that the names of the dead will remind

us of the insanity of war." Thilo C. Agthe

Also, be sure to do as much detailed research in the US, it helps.


Chuck Johnson
Racine, WI USA

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