RE: Berner

I would say they probably came from Mechlenburg-Shrewin. That is a state
(sort of) and a township. A town would be something more difficult to
find. There was a mass migration from M-S at this time. Most came to
Canada but 1/3 went to the USA

Hello Robert -

The best source for this kind of information is in __Germans To America Lists Of Passengers Arriving At U S Ports__ ed. by Ira Glazier and P. William Filby. There are many volumes and they are almost complete (however, my great great grandfather Frederick Schwerin, who emigrated from Mecklenburg-Schwerin through Hamburg in 1851 does not appear in Filby, but is listed in the 1851 Hamburg police records--certifying that he had no criminal record). Your local genealogical library should either have these books, or they can get them for you. In addition to listing each ship by name and captain which the names of all passengers, each volume also includes an index in the back of all the passengers listed by surname.

Karl Schwerin
Albuquerque, New Mexico