Hallo Liste,

    I am searching for information on a line of several organ players/schulmeisters at the Lutheran church in Rastede (St. Ulrich's I think). Most of them are related as successive generations, father, son, grandson, etc. The family name is Wedemeyer, and I think the first one was named Christoph Wedemeyer *1600 +1657.
   If anyone has the OFB for Rastede and can provide information, I will be very grateful.


P.S. I am a librarian and can help anyone with American information.

I'm always interested in information about organists. I'll look in a book
I have upstairs. It's a long stretch, but the name might be included.


Hello Nicole -

I am a member of the OGF - the Oldenburg Society for Family Research, I
passed your mail on to our mailing list. Maybe someone there has got
more information for you.

Regards from Irmi in Oldenburg

Hello Nicole,

the OFB for Rastede is coming in 2 years to the 950 years anniversary of the St. Ulrichs church. I've some Wedemeyer in my database. May be I can help with some information. Please let me know, what you have.
Please answer to my private mail address Fritz(at)Buentemeyer.name

Greetings from Wiefelstede in Germany


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Liebe Fritz,
   Danke schoen for your help! Here is some information on Wedemeyers I know are connected to me in Rastede, but there are probably others also:

            Christoph *1600 +1657

            Johannes *1631 +1681(?)

            Christoph *1667 +1737 (not sure if he is son of Johannes)

            Anton Christoph *1698 +1733
            Hinrich Gerhard (brother to Anton Christoph) *1712 +1761

            Johann *1738 +1761

    My longterm goal is to connect up all the Wedemeyers in Niedersachsen! So if it is not too much trouble, I would like to see any Wedemeyers you have.

           Thank you again.

            Nicole from Champaign, Illinois, USA (two hours south of Chicago) in the cornfields

Hello Nicole,

here the first family:

Christopher Wedemeyer, * 1601 (calc), + in Dezember 1657 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, buried 29.12.1657 ebd., evang.

oo about 1625 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland

W�bbeke NN, * about 1605, evang.

Children : 1) Johann Wedemeyer, * .5.1631 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 23.5.1631 Rastede, evang.
               oo 14.10.1660 St.-Ulrichs-Kirche Rastede, (1)
                   mit Talke Stratmann, * 9.1632 in Rastede-Kleinenfelde, ~ am 14.9.1632 St.-Ulrichs-Kirche Rastede, Lkr.
                   Ammerland, buried 28.12.1702 Rastede, evang.

                2) Elisabeth Wedemeyer, * 6.1635 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 5.6.1635 Rastede + 5.1714 in Rastede-S�dende,
                   buried 23.5.1714 St.-Ulrichs-Kirche Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, evang.

                3) Anthon G�nther Wedemeyer, * 2.1638 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 6.2.1638 Rastede, evang.

                4) Hermann Wedemeyer, * 1.1640 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 25.1.1640 ebd. + 6.1661 ebd. buried 7.6.1661 ebd., evang.

                5) Anna Maria Wedemeyer, * 9.1641 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 2.9.1641 Rastede, evang.

                6) Christopher Wedemeyer, * 6.1643 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 2.6.1643 Rastede, evang.

                7) Philipp Wolph Wedemeyer, * 10.1645 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 19.10.1645 Rastede, evang.

                8) Maria Margaretha Wedemeyer, * 4.1648 in Rastede, Lkr. Ammerland, ~ 26.4.1648 Rastede, evang.

(1) Marriages Rastede 1660 S. 307/3
No 7) d. 17. 8bris 1660
Johann Wedemeyer, Organist, K�ster und Schulmeister zu Rastedt und Talcke, Gerdt Strateman auff dem kleinen Felde eheliche, j�ngste Tochter.

More tomorrow

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Thank you very much, Fritz.