Rabe Steinfeld/Oldenburg to Ohio 1833

Hello Werner,

At least part of the family came to Cincinnati.

There was a J.H. Rabe who was a school master that arrived in Philadelphia
on the Adler on September 5, 1832 (age 33).

John Henry Rabe arrived in Baltimore from Steinfeld (destined for
Cincinnati) on the Ernst & Gustav on September 25, 1837. It appears at least his
daughter Maria Anna accompanied him.

There are death and census records in the US (not just in Cincinnati).

I do use the Cincinnati website listed below sometimes, but it is very
incomplete, and the German names are often incorrectly. There are much more
complete local indexes.

What exactly are you looking for, or just general information?


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Cincinnati birth and death records from 1865 to 1912 are on the University
of Cincinnati web site. These records are housed at the University. Try