R�ter - rueter - reiter

I have been researching my greatgrandfather Albert R�TER family for several years and have seem to come to the end of records that I can find here in the U.S.A. What I have is Albert R�TER came to the US in 1847, he lived in Ohio for two years and then came to Missouri on his way to California. In 1853 Albert R�TER returned to Ray county Missouri. He became a citizen in 1859, he shows in this document and all other documents that he is from Hannover Germany. The US 1860 census record for Ray county Missouri has him listed with his wife Christina (from Prussia) and 4 children Mary, Anna, John and Philippine.

What I don't have is the ship that he came to the US on what port he left from and what port he arrived. Did he travel by himself or was he already married? Did he have siblings, who his mother and father were. Did he live in the city of Hannover or some village in the Kingdom of Hannover. He belonged to the Lutheran Church in the US so I would guess that he was baptized in a Lutheran church in Hannover.

Any help that any can give would be greatly appreciated.