Quell, Barlag, Klindtworth, Springhorn, Bredehoft, Fresen

Looking for information on my updated Quell Genealogy:

Lutje Quell born about 1698 and died 12-25-1749 in Aspe, Germany, he married
Beke Fresen born About 1698. There children were: Johann B. 1730, Anne B.
1732, Claus B. 1734, Alheit B. 1737

Johann Quell Born 2-1-1730/1 in Aspe, married Anne Marie Bredehoft born About
1732, they had 10 children with Johann born 1775 the youngest.

Johann Quell born 5-31-1775 in aspen married Anne Margrete Springhorn born
7-18-1777 in Klein Aspe, there children were Johann born 1800 and Dierk born

Johann Quell born 5-23-1800 in Gross Aspe, married Catherine Marie
Klindtworth in Mulsum, there children were Heinrich B. 1840, Margrete B. 1842,
Catharina B. 1843, Anne B. 1845, Marie B. 1847, Peter E. B. 1849, Marie B. 1851, Metta
B. 1853, Elise B. 1855, Dietrich B. 1858.

Peter Quell married Mary Barlag and died in Cleveland Ohio.

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I am currently researching the following names:
Thiessecharpen/Thieschaper,Thunhorst,Viel/Viets,Winteregg,Wistinghausen,Zinzack, Zynczak,Zinczak
Jill Leimkuehler


In the 1840's many Lutherans from Niedersachsen came to this part of
Missouri including Bredehoft, Klindworth and Viets families. Leimkuehler
name is from farther east around Lohman, MO.
Neil Heimsoth

Hello Jill,

The villages of Klein Aspe and Aspe are part of the Evangelical parish of
Mulsum. An Ortssippenbuch was published for this parish in 1976 containing
family lineage records from approximately the mid-1600's until the
mid-1900's. The full citation for this Ortsippenbuch is

Sarninghausen, Hans Gustav Carl, Ortssippenbuch Mulsum II im Kreis Stade
Niedersachsen, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verb�nde, 1976

This book has been microfilmed by the LDS Family History Library in Salt
Lake City and the microfilm is available on loan through local LDS Family
History Centers. The book is item 1 on LDS FHL microfilm # 1181531, Item 1.
I have this microfilm on indefinite loan at my local FHC and would be
willing to look up the entries for your families. My next visit to the LDS
FHC will be this coming Saturday.

The LDS Family History Library also has microfilmed the duplicate copy of
the Kirchbuch (church record book) records for Mulsum. The duplicate copy
is the equivalent of the civil records for the parish that were prepared for
the Kingdom of Hannover. These records cover the years 1715-1726, 1746,
1751-1752, 1759-1763 and 1765-1852. The records are copies of the original
baptismal, marriage and burial records (and some confirmation records) for
the indicated years. The records are on the LDS FHL microfilms # 1189510,
Items 2-3 and # 1189511, Items 1-3.

The original Kirchenbuch records for Mulsum go back to 1667 and may still be
held at the parish offices in Mulsum. You will probably have to contact the
parish directly to get information from these records.

I have a brief familial connection with the village of Aspe. The family of
my mother's ancestor Bernd Wolers/Wohlers lived in the village of Aspe
during the years 1768-1774. I also have a connection on my father's side to
a Deterling family and a Glandorff family who lived in the village of Horn
in the parish of Mulsum during the late 1690's. Besides these direct
connections, I am collaterally related to many families from the parish of
Mulsum through my mother's ancestral connections from the parishes of
Oldendorf, Selsingen and Bargstedt.

I wish you success and luck in your research.

Best regards,

Fred Buck
Cincinnati, Ohio