Dear Fred,

Thanks for the info. My grandfathers baptismal record stated his wife Henriette Potrafke was from/born in Posen. And I think probobly the province of Posen rather than the city of that name in Poland.

I could be wrong but was thinking that some of Poland used to be regarded as Posen by Germany when Germany or Prussia was in control of the area. I estimate my Henriette to be born somewhere around the 1870's early 1880's as my grandfather was born in 1901 in Bergedorf. This Anna Potrafke/Potrafka was born in 1878 and looks as if the 1920 census says she was from Prussia or Ea. Prussia. I did note another Potrafke which listed in 1910 Poland-Germany which I think is usually considered Posen or that part which went to Poland after the war, though this other Potrafke is likely Potrafke by marriage and might not be from the same general area, but possible.

I guess I'm wondering if there were parts of the Province of Posen if circa 1895 may have been referred to as Prussia, though this actual town might possibly be located in Poland someplace.

My parents used to have a photo of unknown person in Prussian type military uniform with the pointy helmet. I was thinking a possibility that my grandfathers-dad maybe was in the military stationed in Posen when he met Henriette, and brought her to Bergedorf, though I suppose her family could have moved to Bergedorf.