Dear List,

I write because such intelligence and historical knowledge are exhibited on a daily basis from the people here.

I am hoping that one of the historians might be able to answer my question.

I have been researching my fathers family for quite some time. I know my grandfather was baptised in Bergedorf, Germany at St. Peter and Paul Church. (St. Petri unde Pauli kirche).

From that record I have found out his mothers name was Henriette Potrafke, the record noted that Henriette was from Posen.

From the passenger record (1924) to U.S.A. of my grandfather, I noted a H. F. Piegen, Liden St., Edwardsville, Ill. paid his passage.

Neat thing is that I found an obituary for an H.F. Peiper of Linden Streen, Edwardsville, Ill. and my grandfather and his brother were pallbearers for the funeral. Surpizingly, Henry's wife Anna died the same week. Her name was Anna Potrafka....!!! and the obit said she was born in Pinow, Germany in 1878.

I am speculating that this Aunt Anna was a sister to my grandfather's mother Henriette Potrafke, (sinse H.F. Peiper was listed as uncle.)

My question is if anyone ever heard of Pinow, Germany? and if it was ever a part of the provence of Posen? Also if perhaps it might have been/or near Kernsdorf, Germany?

Used to have a photograph of a relative? with a pointy helment (perhaps military?) that was ruined and list in a flood. I am wondering if my grandfathers dad may have been in the military stationed someplace near posen and that might maybe explain why his mom was from Posen and his dad born in Bergedorf.

Thanks for reading this.

At first I thought of Finow near Eberswalde in Brandenburg
but that is not Posen. There is no place called Pinow
anywhere but what we have is Pinne in Posen and Pinnau
in several places but not Posen. :frowning:

Pinnau und Pinow would be spoken the same way. But then
we have a whole bunch of Pinnows which is probably your
place. Again none in Posen. The name is really more at
home in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg where *ow is quite
common in names of people and places from Slavic roots.

I'm not sure how Kernsdorf fits in here but that place was in
East Prussia near Allenstein.


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