POW Camps

Here goes Jb..and to those who replied about the POW camps on highy 18
   in Iowa.

   thought perhaps he could lend a bit of history etc. Interesting what
   I learned from it too.


   This is a little of what I remember of the POWs.

   There was a POW camp at Algona during WWII. I don't remember why, but
   some of the prisoners were
   transported to work projects in the North Iowa area from time to time.

   Quite frequently the buses with prisoners would stop in Garner at Ron
   Yohn's Shell station for gas and
   maybe a rest room stop. As you remember Dad could speak German, so he
   could communicate with the
   prisoners. Whenever he saw the buses in Garner, he'd stop and visit
   with them. Because their were so
   few people who spoke German or didn't take the time to visit with the
   prisoners , they really appreciated
   Dad's visits. They said they looked forward to their visits. He
   became a very good friend of theirs.

   Dad stated most of the prisoners were nice young men and said they
   enjoyed it here in the States.
   They said they were well fed, well treated and didn't have to fight in
   the War.

   The POWs created a very large and beautiful Nativity Scene. When the
   War was over and the POWs
   returned to their native Germany, they presented the Nativity Scene to
   the community of Algona in
   appreciation for the kind treatment they received.

   Each Christmas Season the Nativity Scene the POWs made continues to be
   erected and continues
   to attract thousands from Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

   If the Algona area had a problem with the POWs, I never heard about

   Don't know if this is any help to you or not.


Wunderbar Shirley. That is an excellent account, and in from left field courtesy of your brother! Props to your father for the kindness shown, and to you for sharing it.

Wie ein altes Sprichwort lautet: viel Feind, viel Ehr.

Oder veilleicht ~ auf jeden Regen folgt auch Sonnenschein, eh? :wink:

Chops. Jb