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Hi Becker relatives,

I have lots of Becker in my tree. They originate from the Klecken/Helmstorf area in the northern part of the kingdom of Hanover. They go back to about 1620. Let me know if you need details.


"Sophie Gottemoller" <> schrieb:

Hi Wolfgang,
    What I know about the Becker in our family tree. Becker married C.M.Mecklenfeld and their child (that we know about) was Johann Bernard Joseph Gortemoller nee Becker. born in 1768 in
Vorden-Rieste and died 16 September 1814 in Lage. His son, Johann Heinrich Joseph Gortemoller was born 18 May 1800 in Kloster Lage-Rieste and died in 1869 in St. Rose, Ohio, USA. His Mother
was Catharin Maria Hellwig (Hellman). She was born in Alfhausen in 1778 and died 19 December 1812 in Lage. He then married Margaretha Maria Elizabetha Berlage on 25 Feburary 1813. We know of
no children of that marriage but since he lived for more than a year and a half, I doubt that there would be none. We know nothing about any of the other Beckers.
    I did find Johann Heinrich Becker on the taxation records in Vorden-Riests and he is listed for several years until 1764.
    We cannot find out anything until we find out more about the Becker family that he came from. If this fits in with your Becker family, I would appreciate any information you might have.
Thank you in advance.
Sophie Gottemoller (on the abstract listing Johann Heinrich when he came to this country his name was spelled as ours is spelled now. Other parts of the family spell it Goettemoeller and
there are Gortemollers and Gortemillers in this country as well.) Thank you again.

"Wolfgang Schl�ter" wrote:

Hello Wolfgang,
  I saved your post until I could give you more information. I now know
that my Becker ancestors lived in Alfhausen, Osnabruck. I do not know
where this would be in relationship to Klecken/Helmstorf but I was
hoping maybe they are close. Thanks you for any assitance you may
Sophie Gottemoller

"Wolfgang Schl�ter" wrote: