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Here below is a transcription and a translation. The word �eiusd�is Latin
and means �in the same month�. The word Schaafmeister would currently be
spelled schafmeister and he would be a person in charge of a sheep flock.
The words inserted are a little hard to read because of their size as are
the letters after Mehlenburg. If you could send me a copy attached to a
direct e-mail, I might be able to blow it up and read itbetter.

Paul Scheele

Den 8 April geboren, den 10th eiusd getauft.

Wilhelm August

Vater: Johann Friedrich Hagen, Schaafmeister
aus Lesen?
Mutter: dess. Ehefrau Maria Friederike geb. Holzen ^ im Mehlenburg?
Gevatt.: Heinr. Wilh. Schr�der in Molzen u. Fried. Aug. K�ster in Wittenburg


Born on 8 April, baptized the 10th of April,

Wilhelm August

Father: Johann Friedrich Hagen, sheep flock supervisor
Mother: his wife Marie Friederike ne� Holzen from Lesen? in the Mehlenburg?
Witnesses: Heinrich Wilhelm Schr�der in Molzen and Friedrich August K�ster
in Wittenburg


I have another idea for the birth place of the mother: I think, it means
"Maria Friederike geb. Holzen aus L***n (Lesen?) im Mecklenburgischen"
"Maria Friederike ne� Holzen from L***n in the Mecklenburg area".
Mecklenburg is east of the Hannover area.

And I think, the living place of the second wittness is Wittenb_e_rg, not Wittenb_u_rg.

Markus Holtel

In Mecklenburg gibt es es den Ort Wittenburg.
In the federal state Mecklenburg you can find the town Wittenburg (near Schwerin on the Baltic Sea) and this addresses:

Schröder, Werner
  Wallstr. 67
  19243 Wittenburg

Hagen, Bernd Zahnarzt
  Große Str. 26
  19243 Wittenburg

Holz, Heidemarie
  Bahnhofstr. 25
  19243 Wittenburg

Close to this is also the village Lehsen, no Molzen

You should check the parish Wittenburg:

Good luck,
Werner Honkomp

Hello DSore,

What is the source of your document? Did it originate in Germany?

If it is copy of microfilm record that originated in Germany perhaps possible to deduce localities mentioned if source of information could be determined. A Mircofilm number or Parrish these records came from...

On a tangent...

Wittenburg -

There is a nearby locality called Wolzow...

Here is page on Sutterlin Script..

Looking at this page... The M's and W's very similar... the what we see as zen.. I think could be zow in the old script.

The location that starts with an L??? I don't know. Is it even a " L" ? So hard to read. Need magnifying glass... :slight_smile:

At the very top I think it mentions Van Ohm???

In the middle section - William August ........your William August ...

The first section mentions Johannes??? Jurgen?? Ludwig??? ............
The last line... appears to have that word ???Molzen?? .. so I wonder could it be part of a job description?? The very last word in the first section. Does that possibly say Sahs???

Warmest Regards,
Barbie Lew

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