All the time I want to say to the person who has send the message about why he has got no answers at this list at his questions.

But I could not find the message back in the archives. It was something with the name: "Pommeren" or so

Well, what I like to say is that I have some experience with other (very active) mailinglists.

The point is that in f.e. Denmark and in Norway a lot of records are online. So if one ask a question to this list the answer is very quick.

In the regions in Germany there are much lesser records online. So if one ask a questions to a German list, f.e. the Oldenburg List, the answer will depend if somebody has the familyname, you ask for, in his of her database.

I have also got never answers at my questions. But it is not the case that the listers are unwilling.
It's just that the information is hard to get online in the German regions.