[Pom] Geneology and DNA projects

(a) Names ==> the Ending -schke, -zke etc. (i.e. "-ke" at the end) are diminutive forms,
mostly of first names (which became later on last names).
More and in detail here => http://wiki.genealogy.net/wiki/Taufname (but in German; you
will also find your Jeschke on that page).
[as a matter of fact, at present we are incorporating this whole book by Bahlow into
GenWiki ... more than 1200 names and their explications]

(b) DNA will come roaring .... from behind ! But please, give Germans a bit of time ... to
get used to the "inner church records". [my mtDNA is done, Y-STR is under way].
And YES !! We ARE related, we ALL are related, originatig from this little group that left
Africa about 170 000 years ago to have a look at the world ...
Even if your names are George and Osama, you are 99.7 % (!) identical ... although some
may have some difficulties with the remaining 0.3 % ...

There are exciting publications of people who have compared "father lines" (Y-STR
Analysis) on this and your side of the Atlantic and could show that they must (!) have
originated from the same forefather who carried that name.

(c) Genographic Project : already now they have passed the numbers of samples which they
projected for the whole 5 years that this project is running, showing the great interest
of people who would like to know, where they came from...

Hanno (V.J.Kolbe)