Please repeat the German script sites here Digest, Vol 12, Issue 9


Could Ingrid and Christine please repeat the web addresses for the old
german scripts? I have lost them.

Thank you,

Renee Ireton

Peter Doerling's site about old German writing:

Off topic: By the way Peter has other enjoyable sites too:

Lovely cat stories:

Bye for now, see you


Hi Renee,

you can`t loose messages from the Gen-en-List - there is a archiv

go to:

then see the Archives - Archives.

You can look month by month - or if you look for a speciell name -
you may click on "Zur Archivsuche" (Archiv-search) (in the headline)

Give in for example "Ireton" in the box beside "Suchwort" and click
"abschicken" (=send) -
you will see what happens.

Good luck


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Hi Christine,
Thanks for info about the archive - that means I can now delete all the
messages I've been saving until I have more time to concentrate on further
research! Whew - my pc will be delighted!
Hope you are well and wishing you a super 2007, from Joy

[] On Behalf Of Christine


It is not a good idea to save messages on your own PC--If you ever have trouble with your machine, you could lose every one of the mails. I have had to go through special steps two different times now to try and retreive mails when I had problems with my PC or with my ISP--never got all of them back. Hopefully, your ISP will let you store mail in special folders. MSN lets me set up special folders on one of their servers and I store my mail there. much safer that way.


I need to change my e-mail address. I had not planned to change it, but the new cable company had other ideas!
I see how to unsubscribe, but not how to change my e-mail address. For now, my old address works, but I'm told that will change.
Do I need to unsubscribe and then subscribe again? The only thing that changed is the name of the cable company!
Cecelia (with frozen fingers in Texas!)

Yes UNSUBSCRIBE and then put SUBSCRIBE with new address. that should do it.

If you have Outlook Express, on the left side of your inbox, you can make additional folders and store messages there. I made separate folders for each family I am researching, places, and for things like art, recipes, writing, genealogy sites, gen groups, etc. Then I can just click on a message and drag it to the folder.
I don't know how secure that is or how it works. I do know that a few weeks ago, I lost all my messages in my inbox that I had been saving since 2003. All I did was click on the little X in the top corner to close the page, and everything just disappeared.
However, I found that the things that I had saved in the folders are still there.
Also, you can do a search for messages, and I found some that I thought I had lost. I guess they were actually saved in the folders. The e-mails in my Sent folder were also there. And my address book. But, I haven't found the rest yet. Someone told me that they are probably hiding in my server.
I asked tech support about using the folders on the side, and they told me that those still take up space. So, I haven't figured out how or where to save all my important things, in case they are deleted accidentally, as happened to me, or in case I go over my limit of space and need to delete some more things, which I've had to do quite a bit.
I tried saving some things on floppy disks, mainly stories, but that didn't work too well. I had a computer crash and everything came back, except the thing that shows the ink levels for the printer, and my floppy disks wouldn't work. The strange thing is that they had worked on my computer and my daughter's computer, previously, but they still won't work on either computer now. I haven't had good luck with CDs either. Some won't let you add on to or make changes. I made two CDs on family traditions for each of my family members one Christmas and only a few of them worked. I've bought boxes of CDs that were bad.
So, I'm not sure how to save all this information that I am going to need later. So far, besides the folders, I've had success with printing out the messages, then putting those in notebooks with the different families. But, that's a lot of ink! 8>))
Anyway, it is a shock and really upsetting to see all those messages disappear! But I would be even more upset if everything disappeared and couldn't be brought back, especially all the pictures I have been scanning and the writing I have been doing on different people, places, and stories.
I know that I should save those on a CD or something. So far, I've printed out some things, but not of all the pictures.
Hope this helps, though my knowledge on computers and genealogy is a bit limited. Maybe my experience will help someone else.
By the way, the tech people said they don't know why my messages disappeared, either!

From one who doesn't know much about computers!

Cecelia in Texas

HI Cecelia

Yes, MSN has the same thing for saving mail--both on my computer and on their server. After two episodes of losing and finding mail on my computer, I started saving mails on MSN's server. Also, when I have a problem with MSN, I get "orney" and make them transfer me to supervisor. Their entry level consultants are not much help and aren't really trained to think beyond a certain level.
Also, Before you save something on a CD, you need to check what kind of CD you have. There are CD's that are one time use only and there are CD's that can be used several times. Also, some genius (and I don't mean that kindly) decided to make CD's that can only be used in certain machines. There is a box on the side of the CD package that contains a code. This code identifies what kind of CD it is. If your DVD player or computer does not accept that code, the CD will not play in your machine. The "helpful" clerks in the stores do not tell us that. I discovered that the hardway after I made some pictures disc's. I made a picture disc of a cousin's 70 birthday party and discovered it will play in one DVD player and not in another one.

So, even though ink is very expensive, I think the only safe way to save important mail is to print it and file it. Of course, you then need to come up with a filing system so you can find it later.

Ain't computers fun!