To Neil and you other Plattdeutsche fans: I have no intention of restarting the Plattdeutsch discussion but I thought this little tidbit of news might interest you. Last week I received from my cousin in Asendorf a little booklet "Hoya und die Welt im Fluge durch 1000 Jahre". She was given it by one of the directors of the new (2000) Hoya Museum especially for me. She had been invited to attend a series of lectures there all in Plattdeutsch. So, you see Plattdeutsch is still alive and well in Hoya.
The museum is in the former Staffhorst'sche Burgmannshof.
To everyone else: The booklet gives a lot of names of prominent people of Hoya thru the centuries, altho not much info about them. If anyone is researching in the Hoya area, I should be glad to look and see if your name is mentioned. Jane

Jane Swan
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