Peters/Ebken/Sillje Familes Wardenburg

I am trying to trace my grandmothers (Elisabeth Peters) families in Wardenburg. With the help of my Uncle in Goosefeld I have the family back to Johann Peters born June 1760 (died 1834) in Wardenburg. He married Gesche Ebken (born 1762 died 1815, in Wardenburg) Gesche had the parents Johann Ebken and Catharina Gramberg, I do not have any dates or places of birth for them.

Johann and Gesche had the following children:
Talke Margarethe 1779-1871
Sophia Doorothea 1782-1787
Johann Christoph 1783-1861 (Married Anna Schroeder)
Johann Hinrich 1785-1852 (Married Anna Eggers)
Charlotte Sophia Magadalene 1787-?
Anna 1790-1790
Maria Catharine 1790-?
Beate 1792-1934 (Married Friedrich Doebkens)
Johann Gerhard 1795-1862 (Married Anna Beckmann 1791-1837 & Anna Sillje 1812-1901) I am descended from this Johann and his second wife Anna Sillje so any information about the Sillje family would also be welcome. Anna Sillje had the parents Johann Sillje and Anna Schröder
Ernst 1798-1822
Sophia Magdalene 1801-1870 (Married Gerhard Hartmann)
Gerd 1805-1868
All of the above Peters children were born in Wardenburg

Many thanks
Tom Willetts
Birmingham, England
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