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"Bob Marhenke" <> schrieb:

To All on the list,

I am searching for Parish records for the Marienhagen Parish near
Hannover. I am told the mother church at one time was Deinsen. When I
search in the LDS Catalog for either of these two Parish's I only find
records after 1853. I need records from 1800 to 1853. Does any one know
what I have to do to find these records?

I am searching for my "Marhenke" roots and I believe Marienhagen to be
the place to look. If there are any "Marhenke researcher's" out there I
would like to compare research with them no matter how little. If you
can not write in English, I can have it translated.

Thank you---Bob Marhenke


Hi Bob,

microfiches of nearly all Parish records before 1853 of the Ev.-luth. Landeskirche of Hannover (former kingdom of Hannover) are existing in Hannover. The address is:

Ev.-luth. Stadtkirchenverband Hannover
Hildesheimer Str. 165-167

If you have exact or approximate datas, try to write and ask them for further informations. But in general you must pay something.
I don't know if they speak english, but I think so.

For emigrants you can also ask the

Niedersächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover
Am Archiv 1

Good success