[OWP] Wagner,Dittmar,Roedel,Thyroff,Jeschke,Hoffnizer,Rockelman,Mueller,Spoerl,Wachter

I am Elfriede Johanna Christine Wagner Sessions.I
was born in Bamberg,Germany. My parents owned and
operated a flower shop and greenhouses there.
   I would like to ask for help in locating living
relatives and/or gravesites of my ancestors.My
parents,Alfred wagner and Christine Dittmar Wagner are
buried in Bamberg,Germany.
My Father's line is:

Franz August

Franz Wagner,b.1835,Gollendorf,Schlesien

Franz Wagner,b.Gollendorf
Renate Hoffniser

Elfriede -
This may be a "long shot" - and I realize there are probably many more
people by the name of Dittmar that are not related to you.
However, I thought I would mention this, in case there is a chance
they might belong to your family.

Phillip Dittmar was born in Augustdorf, Austria, Oct 13, 1873.
He married Katarina in 1902.
Their first two children, Rudolph and Edelheid, died in 1904 from
They had two more children, Amelia born 1905, and Carl, born Jan 1 1907.
The family came to Canada in 1909.

If you wish more information, please write me.
This information is from a "heritage book", assembled
from the area where I was born.