Oldenburg-L Digest, Vol 120, Issue 11

No me wrecked. I picked Tom up and we headed for DRC outpt. I met w/ his PO, Christi. She was nice. They are pushing me to report to the police. Police in Greensburg won't handle it. Made me drive home and call Somerset Police from home. Som. says its not theft since I gave him the keys. It would be civil. They took my old cell # and are trying to call him, and took Beth's number, and the PO #. Don't call till I say all clear, as I'm waiting for the PSP to call back.

He is tricky.... he keeps sending messages to fool me - like Where do you want the house key Linda? The car will be in your driveway. I was hoping that when I pulled in it might be here, but nothing here. Only tracks were mine from this morning. I'm not taking any more messages, I don't think. or maybe I just should not send any. OR, it might be a real wake up call when he sees PSP come up on screen. PO has PSP sitting by Beth's house, waiting on him. We are trying the suicide angle - 2 threats in two days, and showed up at ER abt 3 weeks ago when he felt like driving into a tree. He's off his meds. Running wild.