Old German Script

I am hoping someone can help. I can a picture from 1869 that is
inscribed by my Great or Great Great Grandfather. Just two words and a
date. I have deciphered most of the old script but a few letters of one
word I can't make out and the word itself seems not to be a word, or not
in any German dictionary we have or can find on the web. It is pastoral
scene and the word starts with a J and ends in itut, but the 2 or 3
letters between I can't decipher. Presumably something to do with
hunting or the hunt. If it is my Great Grandfather he was raised in the
states and presumbably knew German well, having grown up in a very
German area of Illinois, but perhaps didn't know all his words so well.
Is there anyone who would be willing to look at a .jpeg of the
inscription and see if they can make out what it says?? Any help is
Thanks, Marie

Hi Marie,
I'm not really good in old script - but I can have a look.

A German Word that starts with a "I" and ends with "itut" could be
(department - institute - institution)


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