[OL]ZANDER of Oldenburg - glassblower

Dear Gerold,
Many thanks for your information.
Sadly I have no other details about my grandfather August ZANDER, only his
marriage certificate and death certificate, so I do not know the exact date
of his birth.
His death certificate states that he was aged 47 in April 1919, so he must
have been born in about 1872.
From his marriage certificate I know that his father was Johann Christian
ZANDER, also a glassblower.
I am interested to hear that there was once a glass factory in Oldenburg; I
wonder if members of my ZANDER family worked there. Is there any way to find
out more about this factory?
I have made a note of the other ZANDER individuals who worked on the railway
in Oldenburg, in case they may be related to my family.
Thank you so much,
Roz Norris