to Rainer Wilking:
I found several records pertaining to WILKING, mostly in the Oythe parish.


She was born in Langförden parish (St. Lawrence, the Martyr) on the date you
have. The record (Vol 2, p. 156) says: Parentes: Jan Henrich Elseman, elysab.
Maria Brinckman [sic]. [Child's name:] Anna Catharina. Patrini: Tobias
Pundte, Catharina Habe.

In the Langförden marriage records (Vol. 2, p. 53) it is noted that she
married in Oythe: "eodem [Nov. 26 1765] in Oythe copulati sunt: Joann Dirk
Wilking & Anna Catharina Elsemann" No witnesses are listed.
The LDS film number is 0911504.

In Oythe the marriage record (Vol 2, p 217) says:
"eodem [26 9bris 1765] copulati Jan Dirck Wilckinck et Anna Catharina Ellsman
presentibus testibus joe [with that little line over it that means some
letters were left out] Henrico Rebkinck et Francisco Lammers et Hen Oestman.

Oythe, Vol. 2, p. 176., also has her death record, 27 Feb 1768: "Sepulta Anna
Cath. Willking, dicta Elseman"; then follows some Latin I can't completely
decipher, but it says she received the sacraments, something about being in
childbed, and dying of suffocation from copious bloody vomit. [sorry about

The child's birth record is in vol. 2, p 87, Feb 1768, the date is in the
spine, but comes after a 6 so is between 6 and 28 Feb. There are only 2 Feb
entries so that the closest I can get. It says:
Joan Theodorus Wilking and Ann Cath. Elseman were the parents and the child's
name was Catharina Maria and the Patrini were Franciscus Lammers and Maria
There were no earlier children. I checked from before the marriage to this

Nancy Pundsack