[OL]Surname: Meyer (English Version)

Dear List Members,

I am searching for information concerning four men who are thought to be

Theodore Henry Meyer: born 1794-1796

Hermann/Hiram Meyer: born about 1800, married Katherine Adelaide
Schmitt/Schmidt in Germany. They had a son, Theodore Henry, born in Germany
on 14 May 1833.

Caspar Andrew Meyer: born 3 October 1805

John H. Meyer: born 3 January 1808, married Maria Anna Kuennen from Lastrup,
Oldenburg in 1845

These men are thought to be from Oldenburg or from a neighboring area in
Hannover. They emigrated from Germany in about 1833 and settled in
Washington County, Pennsylvania, where they worked as coal miners and boat
builders. They all moved to St. Lucas, Fayette County, Iowa in the early
1850's where they lived for many years with their wives and families. All of
the men were Catholic.

I will appreciate any help you can give me. Many thanks!