[OL]Sieling in Oldenburg

Hello Friends,

Since I last wrote with questions about my Sieling family, I have been given
over 100 letters that were written to my Great Grandmother, Hermine Sieling
(Emilie Magdalena Hermine Sieling). The letters start in 1891 and are all
written in German. Most are in excellent condition, but I cannot read them
with my limited experience with the German language. I have learned now that
her older brother is named Elimar Sieling and he was born about 1868. Elimar
was a baker by trade. Hermine's younger brother, August, was born about
1877. Both brothers came to America on the "Lahn" departing from Bremen and
arriving in New York on 9 November 1893. Elimar was 25 years old and August
was only 16 years old. August lists Brake as his place of residence. I
believe that Elimar had been to America before because it lists his place of
residence as New Haven, Connecticut. The letters are dated and titled with
"Oldenburg" at the top and signed "Mutter" which I know means Mother.

If I scanned one of the letters, would anyone try and read it for me? The
script is old, but very clear. These letters were scattered all over the
attic floor of the family house and saved when it was sold. My aunt gave them
all to me yesterday and I know that they contain a wealth of information.
Thank you so much for any assistance you might be able to give to me.

Warm regards,
Paula Pfander Broughton