[OL]Schweer/ Janssen from Willoughby/ Ohio

Sehr geehrte Frau Heine,

Ihre Email und meine Antwort zu Ihrer vorangegangenen Email haben sich
leider �berschnitten.

Hier mein Vorschlag:
Bei einem Ihrer n�chsten Besuche in den Staaten gehen Sie bitte zum f�r
Willoughby, OH zust�ndigen Courthouse und dort entweder zum Clerk of Court
oder zum Recorder. Dort wird man Ihnen sicherlich helfen.

Viel Erfolg.

Mit freundlichen Gr��en,
Hans-Georg Boyken


From: "Ingrid Heine" <ahnenforschung@ingrid-heine.de>
To: <oldenburg-l@genealogy.net>
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 4:27 PM
Subject: [OL]Schweer/ Janssen from Willoughby/ Ohio

> Hi listers,
> onesmore I try to find my relatives, the descendants from my


> siblings. The last adresses I have were from Willoughby/ Ohio. Can


> tell me how I can get informations about the descendants when the people
> dead? Anna Janssen lived 35365 Stevens Blvd, Willoughby/ Ohio. I know


> lived there around 1960 and the otheres were not far away. They had at
> 7 Children. The son Johann was married with Gretel and their Children


> called Fred, Jean and John.. I have a picture from this Family. I also
> pictures from some others of the family. and a lot of letters from Anni
> from Guste Rosskamp who was married with my grandma�s brother Wilhelm
> The eldest son was Adolph Schweer, Erie Road, Willoughby /Ohio. But as I
> know he is also dead. His son is named Willy. His cousins were called
> and Robert. Their mother was Magda. From the letters I got a lot of


> but no dates and seldom a surname and as my aunt told, when the siblings
> my grandma were dead nobody was able to continue the correspondence
> the Germans could speak no english and the Americans no german. Now


> has changed and so I hope one will know one of these Persons and give me