[OL]REGAHL and WEISENBORN families in Oldenburg

Attention Oldenburg and Famnord Researchers:

Johann Christian Georg Regahl was born March 11, 1813 in Oldenburg
He married Johanne Freidrike Lucie Weisenborn April 30, 1843 In Oldenburg.
I am trying to locate their ancestors, parents and siblings. Help///// sure would appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance.

I have a considerable Regahl descendency currently available at http://www.ancestry.com
under submitter code Hahn2002. Happy to share and cooperate.

We are concurrently researching the Jantzen and von Lehe and related families from Mulsum, Padingbuttel,
Dorum, Mulsum as well as adjacent villages and towns. Our Jantzen Genealogy can be accessed at our FTM Website at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/h/a/h/Kurt-I-Hahn/ under the Jantzen Genealogy Report.

The von Lehe genealogy is only partially on line at Ancestry.Com however we now have
it back to the 1300's based upon help from German researchers as well as family members and are happy to share. Please email requests for information directly to

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Johann Christian Georg Regahl is mentioned in the "Oldenburger Haeuserbuch"
by Guenter Wachtendorf (Oldenburg 1996). In 1842 he (called an artisan
turner/"Kunstdrechsler") bought a house in Oldenburg (Baumgartenstrasse. 9,
former no.11) from the heirs of the glazier Conrad Schierbaum. In 1872 the
house was owned by the Regahl's heirs (p. 60). In 1851 Regahl (now called a
master-turner/"Drechslermeister") bought the house Achternstrasse 15 from
Johann Georg Hinrich Nolte and his wife Friederike Auguste Dorothee, n�e
Wechloy. In 1878 thhis house was owned by his widow Johanne Friedericke L.
Regahl and their children. They sold it to the firm Schroeder & Kleinschmidt
in 1887 (p. 22).


Joachim Tautz

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