[OL]Re: relationships, dispensations for

In a message dated 10/4/01 there is the question:

Wie rechnet man das mit den verschiedenen Graden? ...Wie verhält es sich

mit 2. und 3. Grad "gemischt"?

Long ago I came across this explantation on the internet:

""The whole concept of dispensations may be strange to some in an
age when the Church allows whatever the state allows, but the
way to ascertain the degree of relationship is different from
the legal measure. In Ecclesiastical Consanguinity one counts
from the common ancestor: siblings are of one degree and never
are given dispensations; grandchildren of different parents (of
brothers and sisters) are of second degree; children of these
first cousins are third degree; a grandchild with a child of a
first cousin is second degree mixed with third, etc. Marriage
was also forbidden to the same degrees with the relatives of a
deceased spouse and needed a Dispensation from an impediment
of affinity (of whatever degree)."

Unfortunately I recorded it in the days before I knew enough to get all the
sources, so I can't say who wrote it. My apologies to the author.
Nancy Pundsack