[OL]Re: Osterloh, Galdas, Braun

Hello, please be patient with me as this is the first time I'm posting a message on this list.
I have the following family information:
1) Berend Galdas, (Heuermann) married to Beta Margareta Osterloh Galdas had a daughter named Meta Margareta Galdas born August, 1860. I have a copy of Meta's birth certificate which I'm trying to have translated. From what I can decipher the top of the certificate has "Grokherzogth m Oldenburg", next line reads "Huszug aus dem Skirchenbuche", next comes
"evangel = Luther s(?)irchengemeind HUDE." Following line is "Serzogthum, Oldenburg", then Uerzeichnif(?)s der Gebornrn und Getauften, 1860 page 134 No. 70.
Under "Namen der G(?)ebattern are Johann Haverkamp, Ahlke Margarete Oslerloh and Ahlke Margarete Galdas.
2) I also have a copy of a marriage certificate of Meta Margareta Galdas to Adolf Braun married November 14, 1887. Church seal on the document looks like St. Lamberti Kirc(?)me, Oldensburg.
3) Last document is my grandfather's birth certificate which reads:
October 8, 1888, Ludwig Bernnard Nicolaus Braun, parents Adolf Braun and Meta Margareta Galdas. Namen der Gebatten "unknown" Galdas, Berend Galdas and Beta Galdas. Church seal is also St. Lamberti.

Ludwig was taken to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA by an Aunt. We're still trying to find out what Aunt and what year. We still aren't sure if his parents arrived before he did or after.
Any of this names on anyones lists?
Sorry for the length of this message.
Pattie Campbell