[OL]re: BRUETT Inquiry

Hi Hermann Br�tt,

Do you have any idea for a location or date in the U.S. for your BRUETTS


If not, I found too many BRUETTS to count on the familyserch.org web
Maybe one of them is yours.

Also, use the cynidslist.com web site for many United States links and
Scroll down to United States section.
There are thousands of links for U.S. information here.
Much of it is free.

Good luck,

Bruett43@aol.com wrote:

Hello all of You,
does somebody of our American friends have any dates or informations
at the
surnames BRUETT, BRUETTE, BRUITT, BRUTT, BRUTTE or any varies
writing. Any help will be appreciated.
Best regards
Hermann Br�tt from Germany!