[OL]Places around Strückhausen

Hello Werner,

I surely appreciate the information on Popkenhoge, but I cannot find it on my
map I have now found Coldewey by Struckhausermoor on a copy map I made of
the area in which I am most interested because of my great-grandfather that
is an enlargement (about 1mm = 1km) from a detailed German map of the area
showing 212 from Rodenkirchen to Elsfleth and is centered where 211 goes by
the Struckhauser villages in Overgonne to near Oberhorne.

The birth records I received were for Johann Hinrich born 18-10-1832 in
Coldewey and Christian Gerhard born 5-11-1841 in Popkenhoje and I had
wondered if the two villages were close to each other. Since my Johann
Dietrich was born 23-8-1835, I think there is a chance that these might be
his brothers or cousins. Although most US records of Johann D were
Strickhausen, the only records I have seen in his own handwriting were on his
will and a military record he signed J D Strückhausen.

Thank you