[OL]Oldenburg family

Am looking for family history of Daniel Frederick Augustus Oldenburg. He was born about 1740 in Germany. He was in America in 1773 and was living in Lebanon Co. Pa. He was married to a Mary Elizabeth Laversulen/Lawyersuyler/Lawerswiler( and other spellings) probably in America. He was a Dr. and was to have been of "titled race" and the youngest child. This information is from various family members so do not know if very accurate. They had a daughter, Elizabeth who married a Alexander McAllister in 1797. She was to have been born in 1773 in Pa. Would appreciate any assistance you may be able to help me with in this family. I would like to know Daniel's parents, birth dates and places. Please reply to me at dgswan99@accessus.net. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Dorothy