[OL]Oldenburg- Bartels, Manthey, Babiel and Schumacher

I also have some info in this family. A Matheny represented August Bartels
on his naturalization papers.My August married Cataherine Walker children
George, William , Augusrt, Catherine, Sophie,Wilheminia, Marie Theresa,
Charles- also family name of Ferdinand.Contact me if these seem familiar.
August is from Oldenberg.
Cathy Kachmer

As far as I know the only Bartels that went to the US from the branch of
Bartels that I am researching is a Barbara but that was in the 1950s. You
have spelled Manthey , Matheny. The only August I have is my Grandmother
and her middle name was Auguste her maiden name was Manthey. She was born
in Lehe, Landkreis Wesermunde. The Mantheys that came to the US were Hugo
born between 1895 & 1907 and William born between 1890 & 1899. All contact
was lost with them pre WW2. I found a SS death record for a Hugo in Fond Du
Lac WI that matches my information. I am sending for a record of the Social
Security record as there is no other mention of him anywhere in the US that
I have found. William is an even bigger mystery. I have not been able to
determine if it was Willam, Wilhelm or William. My grandmother only spoke
of them once. And just that she remembered waving goodbye to them and that
they sent a picture of the store with Manthey on it from she thought NY.