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Hello everyone,

I am new to the list (just subscribed today) so please forgive me if this
is not the correct format.

I am researching the surnames HAVEKOST, BEHRENS, AHLERS, ALFS, MENKENS,
MOSEMAN, EINEMANN of the area around Ganderkesee and Delmenhorst including towns
of Gruppenbuhren, Elmeloh, Westerloge.

I also have a secondary line with the surnames MUNDERLOH, OTTEMAN, GRUSCE,
HILBERS, HEYNE, VON ESSEN,GROSC in the towns of Hude, Osterburg, Lintel,
Twebeck, and SCHULENBERG in the area of Deichhausen.

I would like to hear from anyone who is also researching these names. I
have quite a bit of information on the lines in the U.S. but need help with
information from Germany, before they came to the U.S. in the 1860's.

Thank you all

--- Judy Ellis Czarnecki

--- judyellis@earthlink.net

--- Monrovia, California, USA

Hello Judy,

I sure would like to communicate with you about both of
your lines. Might I ask where you connect to these
lines? Please go to my page at the link below to search
either the "Heyne" or "Nutzhorn" lines. I think we
might make a connection. Please contact me either
through this list or privately.


With so many common names, we are related. Oh, I live
in Huntington Beach, CA.


Judy Ellis Czarnecki wrote: