[OL]Need research tips

Hello List,

Next month I will travel to Europe for business. While I'm there, I'd like to take a couple days and do some research, but I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. According to his obituary, my G-Grandfather, Dietrich Ernst EVERS was born in Schweineburck, Marx, and confirmed in Etzel.

If someone can help me with the following questions, I will be grateful.

1) Should I start my research at the Oldenburg archive or go directly to the lutheran church and the towns' civil registrars? Is there any way to be sure these towns' records are at the archives?

2) If I should begin at the archive, can anyone give me tips on how to use the resources at the archive? Also, hours and days open, location, etc?

3) Does anyone have any other tips or recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance for your help! I appreciate it.

Kristin Schmidt Van Scoy
Cincinnati, OH, USA