I am searching for any information on Ferdinand Mayrose or Meyrose and his
family. He came to the United States in May of 1844 with his mother Maria
Engel Meyrose (maiden name Puthoff) and his sister Agnes and brother Franz.
I believe that his father's name was Gerard Henry. At least that is what it
looks like on Ferdinand's marriage application but it was hard to read.

Ferdinand was born in October of 1829. His obituary said that he was 85
years and seventeen days old when he died on November 17, 1914. So that
would make his birth date October 31, 1829 or somewhere close to that. He
also had a brother Bernard who did not come on the same boat as Ferdinand
and his mother and siblings. I also haven't found evidence of his father
coming to America. And in 1880, a brother John shows up on the census with
him. But I have never found John anywhere else, so don't know where he came
from. John would have been born around 1837 as he is 43 in 1880.

Anyway Ferdinand and his family are listed on the passenger list as coming
from Amt Damme and the censuses have him being from Oldenburg.

Any information that anyone might have would be helpful.

Thanks a lot!