[OL]Johannes Wilhelmus Wendeln


  I have a picture given to me by a cousin of mine with the following writing
on the back of it writtenby an aunt of mine.

   Great Grandma Wendeln(which would make her my GG Grandma) born in Germany.
Landed inthe USA 1833 in Minster , Ohio. Mrs. Wendeln burried in Minster,
Ohio. She was 93 years old.

The letter from my cousin ststes Mrs. Wendeln must be our GG Grandma who
woulld be Our grandma Koetters Grandma. My Grandma Koetters name was Louise
Stallkamp Koetter.

I have a marriage certificate from St Pauls Catholic Church in Cincinnat,Ohio
where Henry Koetter Married Louise Stallkamp( my Grandfather & Grandmother)

Their parents were Joseph & M anna Koetter--- And joh. & Elizabeth Stallkamp.
The witnesses were George Suhre, Elizabeth Jockman.\, Jos.Stallkamp,Lina
Mollering,Wilh Jochman,Fophia Stallkamp.

   A Pat Brennan sent this info to me a little while ago.

   She said she was a descendent of Louis F. Wendeln, born May 13,1878 in
Minster, Ohio and Died aUG 17, 1951. She believes his father was Henry J.
who was born in Auglaize County in 1855 and died in 1921. Louis was married
to Bertha Panschar who bore three children and died following yhe birth of
the third childin 1917( Pat Brennans Mother).

   Louis Wendelns father was a Johann Heinrich Wendeln born 1815 and died

   Pat also mentions a Johann Wilhelm Wendeln born Jan.27,1837 in Oldenburg,
Germany and died in 1890. Johann wilhelm was married to Bermadine Bocklage
and a Catherinn C ? who was born 11/1788 and died 12/21/1876. She was born in
St. Augustine, Germany and died in Minster.

   Please let me know if anything matches up with you.

    Gene Koetter