[OL]Hendrick Janssen

I am interested in any help or advice I could get concerning locating records on a Hendrick Janssen "van Jeveren" who first appears in New Netherlands (New York) records in 1642. At that time he was described as a soldier and 20 years of age. In subsequent records Hendrick is also described as "locksmith" and "van Oldenburg", but most often as "van Jeveren". For many reasons I believe he was Lutheran - I have not found a marriage record or baptisms in the Dutch Reformed Church, yet by his death in the 1670's, he had several children. Hendrick owned various lots, but eventually received a lot at New Castle on the Delaware, where he died.

There was also a Remmert Janssen van Jeveren who arrived in New Amsterdam around the same time frame. I have no idea whether they were related or not. Other possible siblings would be a Marritie and Catharina Jans (I am not certain what the Germanic variants for these names would be at that time).

Any help would be appreciated.

Jerry D. Vandiver

Hello Jerry !

I have two comments to your note.
I searched "Janssen" , "Amsterdam" and "Schmied = smith" in the proper and
complex index of the "JEVER : Huldigungsregister von 1618" which is quite
near your timeframe. Result : there is no name you are looking for. Even
some possible combinations (Jan Hendricks) are not available. Which

Related to your search and the requested time frame there are two bigger
published works of Dr. Walter SCHAUB available : "Die Bev�lkerung Jevers
nach dem Huldigungsregister von 1618" and ""B�rgeraufnahmen der Stadt
Oldenburg 1607-1740" (which I used both). An easier way is to find and ask
an genealogist from the JEVER area. But you should know a little bit more
about the people you are looking for.

And than I remembered an other note/question related to New York (New
Amsterdam) in this list. It was the same last name ("Jansen"). Which
surprise. See my answers from last year.

Have fun with this interesting project of tracing back people from Oldenburg
during the foundation of New York.

Hans-Hermann B�sselmann
Email : hhb@nwn.de