[OL]Galdas, Osterloh, Braun

I've posted before but thought I'd try one more time.
Berend Galdas, (Heuermann) married to Beta Margareta Osterloh Galdas had a daughter named Meta Margareta Galdas born August, 1860.
Meta Margareta Galdas married Adolf Braun November 14, 1887 at Church St. Lamberti, Oldensburg.
Ludwig Bernnard Nicolaus Braun born October 8, 1888, Baptism also St. Lamberti. Parents Adolf Braun and Meta Margareta Galdas.
Ludwig was taken to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA by an Aunt. We're still trying to find out what Aunt and what year. We still aren't sure if his parents arrived before he did or after.
Thank you.