[OL]Euro to Dollars

You should send it by normal postal mail 30 US-Dollar cash. It is about equal to Euro. The conversion fee by Bank is low, about 5%.
The conversion fee for a personal check is very expensive, about 10 Euro.
I have never lost a postal mail from the States to Germany.

Werner Honkomp

Dear Bernie, Don and Werner,

The U.S. Postal Service advises the customers n o t to send money cash
via mail !!!
The best way is to exchange the US$ into EURO at a bank in the U.S., who has
a bank account in Germany. Your bank will give you some addresses.You will
receive here in die U.S. a German check to send via Air Mail to the
addressee in Germany.

We do international business for many years and never had any problem or a
stolen check.

c/o Hans-Georg Boyken