[OL]Dragoons Regiment No. 19


Does someone have (or knows where I could find) the history of the "Oldenburger
Dragoner Regiment Nr. 19"?
Based on a draft of a book written by my great-grandfather Hans Eugen Meyer, I
think he served in this Regiment, as a volunteer male nurse.
I also know that he spent some time in the "Lazaretzug T".

If you have any information I would appreciate.


Marcelo Andreas Meyer

Hello Marcello Andreas,

I have found neither your great-grandfather nor a Lazarettzug I in: Doering
von Gottberg, Das Oldenburgische Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 19 im Weltkriege,
Oldenburg 1937, and in: A. v.d. Wense, Das Oldenburgische Dragoner-Regiment
Nr. 19 im Grossen Kriege 1914-1918, Berlin 1922.

Kind regards,


Dr. Joachim Tautz
Masurenstr. 17 c
26127 Oldenburg