[OL]Brader or Breder

Hello! I am new to the list and hope I am doing it correctly. My
Gr-gr-grandparents were from Oldenburg. I have listed them below.
Thank you for any information.
Ranee in San Diego

Johann Heinrich BREDER: Born-Sept 1818. Lived in Zwischenahn,
Oldenburg, Prussia. Died-28 Feb 1903 in Franklin County, Missouri,
Married in Prussia (about 1847) to: Anna Isabaeen Maria VOGELDING (or)
VOGEDING, , born August 1824, died March 1876.

> Oldest son was born in Oldenberg, 14 Feb 1848, Fred William


> Other children were born in Missouri:

Johanna Wilhemina (Hanna Minnie) BREDER born 1855,
John Henry BREDER born 1857 (my Great-Grandfather),
Herman Henry BREDER, born 1859.
Peter John Fred "Fritz" BREDER, born March 1861.
Peter Henry BREDER, born Nov 1861.
Anna Maria "Mary" BREDER, born 1864.
Fred August BREDER, born 1867.
And the last child was Anna Sophie BREDER, born 1869.

> Johan Diedrich BRADER was born 1811. He was the brother of Johann

Heinrich BREDER. I do not know why the spellling is different for the
two names.
Johann Diedrich BRADER married-Anna LUTTMAN. They arrived in Franklin
County, Missouri, America, in April, 1844.